Privacy Policy

Da Box PC Company Limited, an authorized dealer for computer parts, gadgets, and gaming gear, strictly follows “Personal Data Protection Act. 2019 of the Kingdom of Thailand” to preserve customers’ data.

1.Privacy Policy Objectives

Required data will be notified to all customers of its purposes and usages.

  • Data Usage
  • The data collected will be used to better services, maintain and improve products and tools customized to your specific needs. For example, using your past search history to see trends of your interests and recommend any related promotions that could benefit your purchases.

2.Data Protection

The data collected will be protected from any unauthorized modification, disclosure, and disruption.

3.Restriction of Data Usage

This Privacy Policy reserves for DBPC website only; not applying to other applications, websites and/or service platforms that require specific Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy does not extend to other organizations and its applications that may use cookies, pixel tags and other technology to present any forms of promotion.

4.Privacy Policy Amendments

The company reserves the right to make any changes and amendments to the Privacy Policy at all times. The company will only request permission to amend when the amendments result in users’ deprivation.

Personal Data will be used under following circumstances:

  • Delivery purposes
  • Shipment tracking and extra services requested by the customers
  • Product information sharing
  • Any promotion and related information of your interest

Furthermore, we will use your data to verify your order and financial transactions for online payments.

Personal Data Security

The company hereby confirms and promises that the collected data will be kept securely in our archives

Disclosure of Personal Data

The company will not disclose collected data to any unrelated parties under any circumstances unless legal advice under the “Personal Data Protection Act. 2019 of the Kingdom of Thailand”.